Is Arnie Swearing at Democrats now?

Governor Shwarzenegger (R-CA) seems to be all along in California. The typically Liberal, Democrat dominated state has a republican governor, who is having the usual problems getting bi partisan support for any of his ideas.

With Democrat majorities in both hoses of the California State Legislature Arnie has two choices – work with the Democrats or tell the Democrats what you really think of them and as a result achieve nothing until your term expires

Well it appears Arnie has now chosen the latter of the two options. In a veto letter to the congress Arnie has set out why he will not support Assembly Bill 1176.

However if you read the letter closely, the first letter of each of the middle lines, spells out f-u-c-k y-o-u.

Arnie’s spokesman says that this merely a coincidence!

Erick Pickles has done it again –

In response to Nick Clegg’s speech to conference earlier Eric Pickles MP has said

"After this muddled conference, it's now clearer than ever that if you want to get rid of Gordon Brown and his big brother state, and if you care about our schools, our quality of life and our liberties, you need to vote Conservative for a progressive, liberal government."

Surely now Eric must admit to living on another planet. The Tories are not liberal, they’ve never been liberal and they never will be liberal

Edinburgh Fringe

I’m currently up in Edinburgh, enjoying the fringe with a few friends from uni. The city is amazingly beautiful, and when I get home over the weekend ill post some of the photos up on here, for all to see.

I would just say though if you get the chance to come here take it. Even if it is not the time of the Fringe, there is plenty to do in this wonderful city.

That said I would just like to know which idiot in the city council decided to effectively dig up all of Princes Street during August – when the city is at its busiest? Surely it would have made more sense to do the work needed say in September when the main tourist attraction to the city isn’t taking place.

As Adam Hills said last night – “that’s quite a cluster-fuck”
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Couple of Quick Questions

Why is it when Parliament is sitting constituents have a hard time grasping the idea that Monday to Friday MPs work in parliament?

I've worked for a MP for 10 months now and every week I have pretty the same conversation at least once. It simply is;

“can I speak to My MP?”

“Unfortunately no – He is in Parliament at the moment but you can see him at his advice bureau...”

The title is Member of Parliament; yet this simple title seems to fly straight by when constituents are involved. They expect the MP to be in the constituency office, personally dealing with every enquiry that comes into the office. I can speak for other MPs offices, but the one I’m working in does anything from 50 to 100 cases a week – ranging from the nice and simple, to long and complicated and everything in between.

So constituents expect the MP to be in the constituency all the time, especially when Parliament is sitting. Its become my experience that some people will only speak to the MP – that’s fine, that’s why MPs have advice bureau, but unfortunately part of the job of being a MP means your away from the constituency office 4 to 5 days a week (unless your a London MP) and the reason they’re away, is that they are representing you in Parliament.

Why is it everyone thinks MPs are on a 80day holiday?

So now that its recess I can have an all new conversation – mostly consisting of
“MPs are on a 80 odd day holiday”

Right first things first – ITS NOT A FUCKING HOLIDAY.

Just because Parliament is not sitting doesn’t mean that MPs stop working. Parliament does not always sit on a Friday, yet MPs work on that day in the constituencies. Yet this idea of working in constituencies seems to not have spread to when parliament is on recess.

Now I agree that 80 days is far to long, and there are simple ways of dealing with that problem (I favour the Canadian System where Parliament sits three weeks out of four – so that the MP works in the constituency for that week). However until someone has the balls to change the lengh of the summer recess were stuck with – so lets make the best of a bad situation.

I was asked today whether the MPs advice bureau will still go on as “there on recess”. I have a feeling no matter how many times I’m told this over the next few weeks the message wont get through. People will choose to believe that MPs have stopped working for the whole 80 day period and the simple reason is that despite they know better the media will always report a ‘scandalous’ break from parliament rather than what it actually is – just working in a different office

West Midlands Expenses

The Birmingham Post has published a list off all claims for the MPs in the area

Included in the list are;

Liam Bryne (Lab - Hodegehill) & Roger Godsiff (Lab – Sparkbrook) who haven’t released his receipts yet
Caroline Spellman (Con – Meriden) who claimed £102.13 on a sat nav system - becuase she doesn't know her way around Birmingham

If this is someone's thinking of a good idea....

we could be in for a long 4 years

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Economic CrisisFirst 100 Days

This is possibly the most monumental screw up and recent history.

Who exactly in the US Department of Defense thought it would be a good idea to fly a passanger airliner over downtown New York for 30mins?

Presumably it would be the same person who didnt think to tell either the President or the Mayor of New York

And it must be the same person who thought it fit to not actually tell any one else in New York or even those in the media, to try and stop any panic and evacuations of the financial district